NEW PRODUCTS: Tip All Tip Jars


The Tip All Tip Jar allows your guests to pay one object and have the tip distributed equally between all of the staff working. This allows guests to pay everyone at once! Perfect for retail locations, event staff and more!

NEW PRODUCT: Advanced Announcer Set


The Advanced Announcer is a club announcer, chat extender, and PA system in one! This set includes everything you need to make both automated and manual announcements at your club, venue, or business.

New Product: Donation Box Goal Script


A donation box script with optional goal feature, that makes the perfect piggy bank! Main script comes with Configuration notecard for user settings, so it’s ready to use in your own products! Will show how much left to reach goal, and what percentage has been donated so far in floating text, (optional). Scripts in this […]

NEW PRODUCTS: Party Sploders with Donation Feature


Create excitement at your next event or party with these new explosively fun devices! With a countdown from ten, optional particle effects, and sounds everyone will know when they’re about to splode! Available in a sculpted bomb shape or a mesh dynamite shape. Each are only 3 prims/land impact. These objects will give a random […]

New Product: New Years Sounds Set


This package is great for your commercial New Years Eve products or events and parties in Second Life. Comes with Party Horn and Noisemaker sounds, Fireworks sounds, Champagne sounds, Crowds Celebrating, and more. Includes 34 high-quality sounds, 3 of which can be looped. See full list below. Also comes with a simple Loop Sound script, […]

New Products: Christmas Song Sets


These four new packages are just the things to get you into the Christmas spirit! Each include 9 iconic Christmas Songs. Songs are full-length and can be played from the included song blocks or radio object. Play single songs, all the songs in order, or play them shuffled. Perfect to set the mood at your […]

New Product: Winter Soundscapes & Christmas Music Box Songs


This package is great for winter wonderlands, outdoor frozen scenes, skating rinks, and Christmas events. Comes with several high quality long-playing background sounds and ambiance, perfect for setting the perfect tone at your place. In total this package includes over 24 minutes of audio! Includes 9 ambient sound blocks, each around 1 to 3 minutes […]

New Product: Christmas Sounds Set


This package is perfect for your personal winter wonder-land or your commercial Christmas products. Comes with all the whimsical sounds you’ll need from popular Santa Claus phrases to sleigh bells, fireplace loops, and winter winds. Includes 78 high-quality sounds, 10 of which are looped. Many sounds have multiple variations to fit your project perfectly. See […]

New Product: Web Badge Plugin for Visitor Tracker


This plugin allows you to display your place’s Visitor Counts on your website or blog. You may also link to and share publicly viewable Statistics and Counts pages with anyone, without them having to log in or join the web tools website. This plugin requires the ASD Visitor Tracker, sold separately. More information below. Special […]